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A selection of reviews of Trinity Chamber Concerts

06/07/2014 Splinter Reeds
“The most magical moment was when the texture blended from monophonic singing to one-by-one counterpoint with the instruments.”

-Be’eri Moalem, San Francisco Classical Voice

01/08/2014 Musica Pacifica
“Blumenstock deftly tossed off repeated notes in dancelike triplet figures so deft as to arouse the envy of anyone who has ever stumbled through a violin method book.”

-Thomas Busse, San Francisco Classical Voice

09/08/2012 New Esterházy Quartet
“Characteristic of this quartet is the attention to detail and phrasing as well as a preference for letting the instruments resonate…”

-Thomas Busse, San Francisco Classical Voice

06/23/2012: 10th Annual Festival of Contemporary Music
“The San Francisco Bay Area made another strong case for itself as a focal point for contemporary music on Saturday night.”

-Brenden Guy, Bachtrack

01/10/2009: Les grâces
“…four accomplished, thoroughly emerged performers…”

-Anna Carol Dudley, San Francisco Classical Voice

09/20/2008: Grosse Abfahrt
“…new, adventurous, electro acoustic music. It is truly wonderful, new, vibrant, and exciting, and it’s a great programmer and curator who will include it on an equal footing in their chamber music series.”

-Jack Curtis Dubowsky, De Stijl Music blog

09/06/2008: Elizabeth Blumenstock & Janine Johnson
“…the music-making was breathtaking… played with a hesitant and yet serene poise that touched the heart.”

-Michelle Dulak Thomson, San Francisco Classical Voice

01/05/2008: The Music of Mario Lavista, with Quinteto Latino & friends
“I was beginning to feel I was more at a séance than a concert.”

-Jeff Dunn, San Francisco Classical Voice

01/13/2007: San Francisco Renaissance Voices
“The result was a series of unforeseen encounters throughout the concert, brought immediately to the foreground by an extremely theatrical opening sequence.”

-Scott Edwards, San Francisco Classical Voice

06/08/2006: Ensemble Vermillion (scroll down)
“In all of the pieces, the outstanding quality was the engagement that the players had with the music and with each other…”

-Kaneez Munjee, San Francisco Classical Voice

04/22/2006: A Celebration of the Music of Walter Gieseking
“…an inventive gathering of musicians turned its attention to an obscure composer, though hardly an obscure name.”

-Benjamin Frandzel, San Francisco Classical Voice

05/06/2006: sfSound Group
“…an arresting succession of sonorities, with two particularly striking movements: one, mostly a series of sustains; the other, music of frenetic, mad passion.”

-Mark Alburger, San Francisco Classical Voice

02/21/2006: Sarah Cahill
“…Trinity Chapel turned out to have great acoustical qualities for this concert — the piano sounded rich and deeply resonant, but not booming, echoey, or indistinct.”

-Jonathan Russell, San Francisco Classical Voice

12/03/2005: ROVA Saxophone Quartet
…this is a very nice place to hear acoustic music, and the finely worked out voicings in Rova’s compositions were truly lustrous in this atmosphere.”

-David Slusser, Bay Area New Music discussion group

01/15/2005: Jon Raskin
“This was the real deal, folks. Anyone attempting a tour de force should look no further for where the bar is set.”

-David Slusser, Transbay Creative Music Calendar

06/10/2004: Novello Quartet
“…about as much fun as it’s possible to have sitting in a pew for two hours.”

-Michelle Dulak, San Francisco Classical Voice

05/22/2004: Del Sol String Quartet
“…taut and propulsive, brooding and bizarre in all the right places.”

-Jules Langert, San Francisco Classical Voice